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The Philosophy behind Scientific Essentials

Hair Care

Hair CareAt Scientific Essentials, we know that health and beauty are not just random occurrences. Our goal is to provide customers with cutting-edge, physician-formulated cosmeceuticals, nutriceuticals, and hair care products, delivering results never before seen in the cosmetic industry.

Scientific Essentials was founded on the philosophy of “Evidenced Based Beauty”. Drawing from evidenced based medicine, Dr. Robert J. Dorin incorporated a similar concept of evidenced based beauty into his product line. This maintains that physical health and beauty are direct results of complex interactions between proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, water, and trace elements, governed by the laws of biochemistry and physics. The products developed by Scientific Essentials optimize the complex interactions between these physical elements to enhance and maintain the proper balance necessary for health and beauty.

At Scientific Essentials, we incorporate simply the best scientific ingredients into our entire product line. Each active ingredient in our products is carefully selected based on scientific evidence, hence we are able to deliver outstanding results.

Meet Our Doctor and Founder

Robert J. Dorin, D.O.

Diplomate of The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery

Dr. Dorin, a world-renowned hair restoration surgeon, is an owner and managing partner of the True & Dorin Medical Group, located on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, New York.  At his globally recognized hair clinic, Dr. Dorin has consulted with, diagnosed, and treated thousands of patients with hair loss and hair-related problems. His years of experience allow him to bring unique insight and focused passion to the realm of hair care. Dr. Dorin is committed to utilizing and developing cutting-edge technology for hair restoration surgery and hair care products, to treat the common hair problems that he has seen time and again in concerned patients.

Please visit Dr. Dorin at his medical hair restoration website

Learn More about Revolutionary Hair Care Products

Dr. Dorin is  committed to providing helpful information about the science behind their product lines. Please contact us with any questions you may have about Scientific Essentials’ premier hair care products, including Simply Scientific Hair™ Shampoo, Conditioner, and Revitalizing Mist.