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Simply Scientific Hair™ Products

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Putting simply the best known scientific ingredients into a comprehensive product line. Our hair care products are excellent for all hair types, of all ethnicities. Our globally acclaimed hair restoration surgeon and anti-aging physician developed Simply Scientific Hair™ products to deliver virtually flawless soft hair, while restoring surface integrity and natural shine. This concept – Evidenced Based Beauty – is behind everything that our founder, Dr. Robert J. Dorin, provides in these products. Our founding principle, supported by physician formulation of 18 MEA nanotribology technology with proven clinical results, sets Simply Scientific Hair™ apart from the myriad of distractions on the market today.

Maintaining Beautiful, Healthy, Luxurious Hair

The Simply Scientific Hair™ product line of Scientific Essentials helps maintain clean, healthy, full, luxurious, normal hair, while simultaneously repairing dry, dull, frizzy, heat-damaged and chemically damaged hair.  Our Shampoo, Conditioner, and Revitalizing Mist contain a purified natural source of 18 MEA, the primary protective lipid layer of hair that is important to hair health. With routine use our combined formula strengthens hair by reinforcing the integrity of the hair’s surface. What’s more, regular use will ultimately minimize the loss of hair volume associated with broken, damaged hair and make your locks shine naturally without the use of silicone! 

People across the country and around the world are truly enjoying the benefits of Simply Scientific hair™ products. Check out what they’re saying!

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