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Simply Scientific Hair Shampoo
Simply Scientific Hair Shampoo
Simply Scientific Hair Shampoo

Simply Clean, Scientifically Healthy

Simply Scientific Hair™ Shampoo

Simply Scientific Hair™ Shampoo is the first step in a hair care system physician-formulated to make hair look and feel its best. Based on the philosophy of “Evidence Based Beauty,” Simply Scientific Hair™ Shampoo comprises a unique blend of powerful actives designed to cleanse hair gently, while rebalance moisture and repairing damage.

Implementing the revolutionary power of 18 MEA nanotribology technology, Simply Scientific Hair™ Shampoo also contains a potent blend of conditioning agents such as silk amino acids, hydrolyzed soy and wheat protein, and keratin. Providing incredible softness while maximizing volume, Simply Scientific Hair™ Shampoo creates the perfect foundation for a flawless hair day. NOW with Biotin complex to strengthen hair & hair shaft and key for healthy hair growth.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate Free for a Gentle Clean

Because styling products and environmental pollutants can leave behind residue that dulls hair and weighs it down, cleansing hair of these impurities is an important part of any hair care system. However, certain types and concentrations of sulfates found in many shampoos can strip hair and dull color, leaving hair dry, damaged, vulnerable to breakage, and irritate the scalp.
Simply Scientific Hair™ Shampoo is formulated without sodium laureth sulfate, relying instead on a gentler blended system with scientifically backed technology. Our product is perfectly balanced to still clean build-up and impurities, without over-stripping. A combination of powerful actives and mild surfactants work as gentle, effective cleansers that keep hair silky and supple. The result is hair that is healthy, vibrant in color, and shiny—naturally.

The First Step in the Simply Scientific Hair™ Care System

After gently and thoroughly cleansing with Simply Scientific Hair™ Shampoo, your hair is perfectly prepared for the revolutionary conditioning of Simply Scientific Hair™ Conditioner and the use of Simply Scientific Hair™ Revitalizing Mist. Adding extra detangling and improved wet combing after the shower, or boosting body and shine throughout the day... anytime, anywhere! 

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Experience first hand the gentle, nourishing clean provided by this Shampoo, with the powerful blend of 18 MEA technology and premier actives. Join the many satisfied customers who are raving about Simply Scientific Hair™ Shampoo by ordering today.

Premier Bonus Kit

Purchase our Premier Bonus Kit containing the Simply Scientific Hair™ Shampoo, Conditioner and Revitalizing Mist and Save $10.00 ! FREE SHIPPING on orders over $60 within the 50 States.

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