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Healthy Hair Is Beautiful Hair

Hair Products - New 12 oz. sizes & Upgraded Formula includes Biotin

When hair is healthy, it is shiny, full, and fortified against breakage. Because healthy hair stays strong over time, it can grow to beautiful, long lengths while maintaining natural radiance. Furthermore, responsible hair care will prevent strand loss due to breakage. While the aesthetic value of vibrant, full hair is often incentive enough to maintain a hair care regimen, there is science behind the beauty. Simply Scientific Hair products are physician formulated using simply the best scientific ingredients to deliver healthy, vibrant, soft, beautiful hair.While flawless hair may seem like a matter of chance, it’s really a question of science. With Scientific Essentials™, every day can be a beautiful hair day, while enriching your hair with the best ingredients.

Simply Scientific Hair™ Products

If your hair is dry, brittle, and over-processed, it is important to use hair products that rebalance moisture and repair damage. If your hair is in good health, maintaining a proper hair care regimen—one that includes gentle cleansing of impurities, reinforcing the integrity of the cuticle, and protection against environmental agents—will help keep it beautiful. All Simply Scientific Hair™ products were created to keep healthy hair looking beautiful, repairing damage as needed.

Simply Scientific Hair™ Shampoo

Simply Scientific Hair™ Shampoo is sodium laureth sulfate free, cleansing hair gently yet effectively without the use of harsh detergents. It is formulated with a potent balanced blend of silk amino acids, hydrolyzed soy and wheat protein, keratin and 18 MEA. Cleaning impurities without over stripping, Simply Scientific Hair™ Shampoo reveals hair's natural shine while helping to restore surface integrity to the cuticle as needed. Health and vibrancy are restored, and hair is left perfectly prepared for conditioning.

Simply Scientific Hair™ Conditioner

The cuticle is the protective outer layer of each strand of hair, comprised of layers of overlapping flat scale like structures. 18 MEA is a primary lipid that coats the adjacent surface of these scale-like structures, imparting surface integrity important to hair health; protecting it from heat styling, chemical treatments, the sun, and other environmental aggressors. When hair is healthy, the cuticle lays flat, reflecting light and giving hair a vibrant, shiny appearance. However, when hair is continually exposed to heat styling, chemical treatments, and everyday brushing, the cuticle and its 18 MEA layer becomes damaged, leaving hair dull and vulnerable to harsh styling treatments and environmental factors. Simply Scientific Hair™ Conditioner provides the ultimate conditioning treatment for your hair, using 18 MEA nanotribology technology to help restore the integrity to the surface of hair’s damaged cuticles without the use of silicone, infusing a brilliant natural shine, and bountiful volume with a soft, silky feel.

Simply Scientific Hair™ Revitalizing Mist

Simply Scientific Hair™ Revitalizing Mist is a powerful product that combines several benefits into one light detangling spray. Applying the Revitalizing Mist after showering ensures hair is silky, supple and easy to brush, while light mists throughout the day maintain a flawless appearance. Hair is protected against dryness, humidity and environmental aggressors while simultaneously being infused with long-lasting volume and shine.

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