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Testimonials from Our Satisfied Customers

Testimonials – Simply Scientific Hair™ Care

Testimonials – Scientific Essentials"I honestly didn’t think there was anything new I could do or change in my hair routine to make my hair any better. The Scientific Essentials hair products are remarkable and make my hair feel great. I now understand that there is a real science behind a great hair product. My hair has become softer, shinier, and smoother than ever; it now has a healthy, bouncy volume that it did not have before and the product’s fragrance and lather are very pleasant. Thanks to the Scientific Essential hair products....the compliments keep coming." ~~ Laura P. (New York)

"As an active man I cannot believe the volume and strength these products have given my hair over the first month of using. I honestly say it makes my hair feel stronger and even prevents dryness on scalp and hair throughout the day. I will never change and will be a user for LIFE, these products are one of a kind" ~~ Jason K. (NYC)

" BEST Conditioner EVER used. I never had regularly conditioned my hair and after hearing Dr. Dorin on TV realized the tremendous benefits of his 18 MEA Conditioner - Its amazing. Shampoo, scent and feel are great. Girlfriend converted to Scientific Essentials too" ~~ Graham B. (NYC)

"The Scientific Essentials™ line of shampoo, conditioner and spray have made my hair routine simple and enjoyable. I have wavy to curly very frizzy hair and have always had to use styling products to tame it. On my first shampoo wash, I could notice a change in my hair without hair products in it, there was significantly less frizz and it took the hair product better. With continued use, I need only to apply the spray to my wet hair and go. It is shiner, softer and healthier. I can run my fingers through it without getting tangled or losing its wave and curl."
~~ Janice C. (Queens, New York)

"After childbirth, I noticed that my hair was not the same. Hormones seemed to have changed the texture, manageability, and overall appearance of my hair. I tried multiple products in search of help to no avail. After trying Simply Scientific Shampoo™ and conditioner I soon noticed a marked improvement in the quality and health of my hair. These products have not only returned my hair to its original condition, but they have surpassed my expectations by far."  ~~ Suzanne T. (Garden City, New York)

"Simply Scientific Hair™ Shampoo & Conditioner bring fantastic results in making hair shinier and looking healthier. After just one wash, I saw results immediately, where my hair felt replenished, giving me stronger and voluminous soft hair. On top of the great results, it smells amazing! I definitely recommend it for all to try. The Simply Scientific Hair™ Revitalizing Mist is great to use after shampoo and conditioner, where it gives hair an additional shine and adds body. Makes my hair easier to manage, leaving it tangle free and simple to brush. This product leaves hair smooth for up to three days. It was a big relief using this product that it didn’t leave my hair grease." ~~ NicoletteW. (Queens, New York)

"I have purchased various shampoos and conditioners ranging from value brand to celebrity endorsed salon hair products. A few weeks ago, I was introduced to the Simply Scientific Hair™ Care line products and could not be happier. The shampoo is amazing because you actually feel your hair absorbing the vitamins and proteins and the grapefruit/ginger scent is clean and calming. The Simply Scientific Conditioner™ is a home-run. This product gave my hair beautiful body, a gorgeous shine, and it did not have the heavy, weight-down feeling you get with other conditioners. My entire family uses it from my husband to children - this is your answer to beautiful, healthy hair.

P.S.-Make sure you try the Revitalizing Mist. It will actually put the bounce and shine back to your hair all day long and those rainy day frizzes are gone-just mist and restyle." ~~ Lisa Mastando (New Jersey)

The Simply Scientific Hair™ line has completely changed the way I think about haircare. I have thick dry dark hair and would always need styling products to keep some shine, leaving my hair damaged and dry. Within the first application of shampoo and conditioner I felt my hair become shinier, stronger and healthier looking. It was so easy to brush and style and hair remained looking fresh all day with no flyaways. After using this for a couple of weeks, my hair naturally feels like silk and have people commenting if I changed hair color since its more vibrant looking. Its a gentle way to clean your hair while almost moisturizing and protecting your hair with the conditioner. The fragrance is also great to wake up to. Amazing.
~~ Angela C. (Hoboken, New Jersey)

"I have used the Scientific Essentials™ Shampoo and Conditioner and have seen a dramatic improvement in my thickness and strength of hair. I have used other shampoos that almost felt hair was being stripped away while cleansing but these products not only restored my hair fullness, but provides shine. After the first couple of days you notice a big difference. Hair will feel strong and scalp feels moisturized with no flakes. The products leave no buildup and hair remains looking healthy all day. The color of my hair also seems to shine and look darker naturally, as it used to look when younger."
~~ Kevin B. (Woodside, New York)

"Your shampoo and conditioner are terrific!  Since I started using them I have noticed that my hair is shiny and easy to manage. I simply wash and go and it is soft and silky!  I have received many compliments about how great my hair looks since starting to use your products!  Please send me more!"
~~ Cindy S. (Long Island, New York)