Scientific Essentials Hair care
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Scientific Essentials was founded by Dr. Robert J. Dorin in 2010. Dr. Dorin is a leading hair expert and pioneer in the hair restoration field ; an is an owner and managing partner of the True&Dorin Medical Group, located in Manhattan, New York. By combining his vast knowledge in the medical & science field, along with new scientifically backed technology, he was able to develop a simple yet revolutionary haircare line, like no other. Based on nanotribology technology of 18-MEA and a perfect combination of the most potent actives, it will repair damage hair and strengthen hair shaft. With regular use, the product will restore the integrity of the surface of your hair by replenishing its protective 18-MEA layer. Hair will naturally shine without the use of silicon. Our blend of premier actives, vitamins and conditioning agentsnwill maximize hair volume, soften, nourish and rebalance moisture to your hair and scalp. To visit our blog, go to